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This week’s favorite comes from Etsy seller Shmugusta.  Her line of knitwear is called ADKnits, and it’s full of vibrant colors and natural fibers.  These fingerless gloves caught my eye on the Etsy blog, and I immediately ordered a pair for one of my friends.  Augusta, the artist behind ADKnits, was a pleasure to talk to and my friend loved her gloves!  What could be a better fall birthday gift?  Now I’m looking at a pair for myself, because they’re also made in red and in gray.  What fun!


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New favorite handmade piece

I bought this amazing bowl by artist Debra Griffin from Five Crows in Natick, MA.  It is a part of their Crows exhibit, where many of the stores’ artists contributed their own crow.

This Saturday, September 25th, Five Crows is hosting Marcy Jeppe, of the Charmacy Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  The event runs from  1-3 pm, and Marcy will be presenting some of her birds of prey.  I’ve heard her speak before; Marcy is extremely knowledgeable, and the birds are simply beautiful.

Five Crows: 8 Court Street, Natick, Ma 01760   508-653-2526

Charmacy Wildlife Rehabilitation

Marcy at Five Crows, 2009

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Tomorrow, September 21st, is World Peace Day. I’d like to speak about something that relates to Japan’s Peace Day, August 6th.

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, by Eleanor Coerr, is a children’s book that is both heart breaking and important to read. Sadako Sasaki was a twelve year old Japanese girl that developed leukemia as a result of being exposed to radiation from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

The crane is a symbol of longevity in Japan, and it is popularly represented in origami form.  Legend says that the person who folds a thousand cranes will be granted a wish.  It was with this in mind that Sadako began folding cranes, in the hopes of getting well when she reached a thousand.  Sources disagree whether or not she made one thousand cranes, but Sadako eventually succumbed to her disease in 1955.

Today Sadako and her paper cranes are symbols of world peace.  Japan remembers August 6th, the anniversary of the bomb dropping, as Peace Day.

Folding a paper crane can be the beginning of your collection of a thousand, a thoughtful little gift, or a tribute to peace.

Here is a YouTube How To and below are some fine Etsy origami items:

Necklace by FlorenceGirl

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