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This Granny Square Sampler Afghan is so much fun.  The pattern is from an old Better Homes & Gardens book.


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Finnish artist Jonna Pohjalainen spent a summer at the Open Air Art Museum in Pedvale, Latvia.  She took in the trees, the colors and especially the sunsets.  Instead of capturing it all with her colored pencils, she decided to create a piece that encapsulated the local aspen trees, the joy in color and the beauty of the Latvian sunsets.  The field where the “pencils” sit has a perfect view of the sky.  Says Pohjalainen:
” Without sun there are no colours and life!”

Jonna PohjalainenJ

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This now out-of-print tee by JunkPrints pushes the envelope of social construction and bursts with the power of imagination.  As Mr. King said:

“We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”

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The cold and darkness of January in New England and elsewhere can easily drain a person of their mojo.  Sometimes you just have to find your own sunshine.  Make like a super hero and adorn yourself and your space with motivators and power-wear!

Artallnight‘s necklace zings with its bright colors and badass candy skull.  It’s the tattoo accessory you can take off.

This print by VirginiaKraljevic says it’s all up to you.  Now make it happen!

sewZinski‘s headband is such a subtle pop accessory.  Made with metallic leather and suede, it’s sure to make you feel cool.

TarantulaSisters of Montreal has found us these amazing Doc Martens.  Size US ladies 7, they’re “perfectly worn in” and ready to wear!

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The art world is all a twitter over the work of Vivian Maier.  A street photographer and nanny in Chicago, Vivian Maier took thousands of photographs between the 1950’s and 1990’s.  Real estate agent John Maloof stumbled upon the negatives at an antiques auction in 2007 and realized the talent and potential of Maier’s work.

Maloof began blogging her photographs, and this has exploded into an overnight sensation:  museum exhibitions, a book, and now a documentary are in the works to honor the prolific street photographer.  More information about the documentary can be found here on the film’s Kickstarter page.

Vivian Maier’s work is raw and unflinching; it is an ode to street photography and every day life.  Take your camera with you for a day and find the beautiful, strange or tragic in the ordinary.  Maier’s photographs can be found on John Maloof’s blog: http://vivianmaier.blogspot.com

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