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This lamp shade is so cute and creative!  It looks like a cinch to make as well, by just poking the umbrellas through a plastic ball.  I guess I’ll have to throw lots of parties so I can make lamps….

Find the full how to here:    http://crafttutorials.net/2010/08/cocktail-umbrella-lamp-shade/


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Irina Werning

This is the photo project of Irina Werning, entitled “Back to the Future“.  Irina is a photographer based in Buenos Aires.  Irina has asked people to recreate their childhood photographs.  I love childlike enthusiasm, so this is just awesome.  I may need to team up with my little sister and make my own!

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Have you seen the Story of Stuff yet?  It is worth setting aside 21 minutes to watch, take in, and understand.  Writer and narrator Annie Leonard takes us through the complexities of modern consumerism: from Extraction of materials and resources, to Production of the “stuff”, to Distribution at stores, to Consumption in whatever capacity that is, and finally Disposal.  The film looks at the sustainability of the Extraction and Disposal and is critical of using up the world’s resources to make stuff that will soon be thrown out and dumped in the ocean or the soil or burned and then turned into air pollution.

Leonard explains the process of consumerism as well how the government and big businesses factor in, all using simple cartoons.  This film is highly informative, and I can’t recommend it enough if you haven’t seen it.

Vote for handmade, organic and well-made goods with your wallet.  And, buy and consume and dispose thoughtfully!


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Today, I bring you… Etsy Valentine’s Day goodies! While I truly believe in loving my friends and family every day, it’s nice to have a day in snowy February to dedicate to all things red, chocolate and made with love.

Tomiffy‘s headband: super, super cute.  It’s available in a rainbow of colors to choose from, but I rather fancy the cranberry.


In Me Up reveals what a softy our favorite early spring bird really is.  This is a hand-pulled lino-cut print of a European Robin.


KnockKnockStudio‘s simple embroidery makes a visual statement and an adorable design.  This pillowcase even caught the eye of Amy Sedaris!

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My Etsy favorite this week comes from Robin from Birds of Oregon.  Robin applies her original illustrations to vintage lockets using resin.  This necklace comes on a long brass chain, so it makes for a great “layering accessory necklace”.  Such cute spring colors!

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