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Aren’t these just amazing?  These nebula galaxy heels have caught the eye of many Tumblr bloggers, but they originate on Etsy!  They’re sold by Kustom Kix under the shop name AlexandraSophie.  France-based duo Sheriff Nasir and Alexandra Sophie specialize in photography and custom painted shoes.

Sheriff is the artist behind the galaxy wedges, which are faux suede made extra-terrestrial with just acrylic paint and coated with varnish for longevity.

Sheriff cites the Cave Nebula as a source of visual inspiration, but says, “the main inspiration for this project basically came from the universe, the stars, planets and everything up there so majestic and breathtakingly beautiful in its own way!”


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Perhaps you’ve seen them in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Woman’s Day magazine or while wandering around an Anthropologie store.  These seed bombs are actually made by VisuaLingual, a little design studio in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati.   With the popularization of guerrilla gardening in the spring of 2010, the bombs took off and Anthropologie ordered a few thousand.  VisuaLingual documented their initial adventure in mass-production on their blog, and you can read the article here.  It looks like an insane amount of work, since each bag is hand-screenprinted and then filled with instructions and five little clay and seed-packed balls.  I love the photo of Maya looking un-enthused about the whole finished ordeal. 

What are seed bombs? They are weapons of mass-beautification and interesting accessories in the world of guerrilla gardening.  Guerrilla gardening is sort of a quiet anarchy: cleaning public or unclaimed spaces and planting food or trees or flowers in the space.  Seed bombs lend themselves to a drive-by attack on disgusting landscapes.  VisuaLingual‘s seeds are packed in a clay mixture, and this disintegrates, effectively planting the seeds and nourishing them simultaneously.  So you can really just toss them out your car window and witness the effects a few weeks later.  There are many kinds of handmade seed bombs (filling eggs with soil and seed works) and I’ve even seen someone selling clay/seed compressed into the shape of a hand gun.

However, I appreciate VisuaLingual’s seed bombs because of their attention to the difference in climate and native wildflowers of each region of the U.S.  They also sell herb bombs and bombs that contain cat and dog friendly plants, such as catnip, wheat and rye.  I have tossed the bombs in my own garden to try them out and…they work great!  There were little clusters of New England wildflowers where the bombs had landed.  So, looking for an inexpensive way to beautify a neighborhood eyesore?  Or add a bit of spontaneity to your garden?  VisuaLingual‘s seed bombs are have been thoughtfully put together and are a moderately priced idea.  I am considering experimenting with my own seed bomb recipe, so look out for that to come in the coming months.

All photos in this article belong to VisuaLingual.

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Today, I bring you… Etsy Valentine’s Day goodies! While I truly believe in loving my friends and family every day, it’s nice to have a day in snowy February to dedicate to all things red, chocolate and made with love.

Tomiffy‘s headband: super, super cute.  It’s available in a rainbow of colors to choose from, but I rather fancy the cranberry.


In Me Up reveals what a softy our favorite early spring bird really is.  This is a hand-pulled lino-cut print of a European Robin.


KnockKnockStudio‘s simple embroidery makes a visual statement and an adorable design.  This pillowcase even caught the eye of Amy Sedaris!

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My Etsy favorite this week comes from Robin from Birds of Oregon.  Robin applies her original illustrations to vintage lockets using resin.  This necklace comes on a long brass chain, so it makes for a great “layering accessory necklace”.  Such cute spring colors!

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This now out-of-print tee by JunkPrints pushes the envelope of social construction and bursts with the power of imagination.  As Mr. King said:

“We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.”

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The cold and darkness of January in New England and elsewhere can easily drain a person of their mojo.  Sometimes you just have to find your own sunshine.  Make like a super hero and adorn yourself and your space with motivators and power-wear!

Artallnight‘s necklace zings with its bright colors and badass candy skull.  It’s the tattoo accessory you can take off.

This print by VirginiaKraljevic says it’s all up to you.  Now make it happen!

sewZinski‘s headband is such a subtle pop accessory.  Made with metallic leather and suede, it’s sure to make you feel cool.

TarantulaSisters of Montreal has found us these amazing Doc Martens.  Size US ladies 7, they’re “perfectly worn in” and ready to wear!

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Looking for set of fresh, unique Christmas or Hanukkah cards?  I’ve picked out some of my favorites from Etsy this season:

Kate Fete’s Festive Robins

Old School Stationer’s Roasting Chestnuts

Wendy June’s Monster Christmas

Merv and Dolores’ Happy Hanukkah


Hillary Bird’s House Band








Dutch Door’s Seasons Greetings








Foxy and Winston’s Happy Hanukkah

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