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These “cans” are rendered in porcelain by artist Lei Xue.


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I was lucky enough to go to the enormous music festival that is Bonnaroo, held in Manchester Tennessee,  June 9-12th.  The music was spectacular and the people, both local and from far away, were wonderfully friendly and fun.  What I didn’t expect was the large graffiti element to Bonnaroo: the festival site was surrounded by orange walls that began as visual odes to past Bonnaroos.  As the festival went on, the walls were spray painted, chalked, postered and drawn on until they became a living, ever-evolving border of pop culture and art.

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My sister and I, 1995 and 2011.  Read about Irina Werning’s “Back to the Future” project here.

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Artist Maja illustrates "cultivate"

Illustration Friday is the online art forum by Penelope Dullaghan and Brianna Privett that celebrates the artist in all of us.  Each week there is a theme to illustrate, whether you’re a professional artist or just like the feel of pastels in your hand.  Last week’s topic was “toy”; you can submit a topic idea of your own.  What will people dream up?

Participating involves posting your illustration on a blog or website and uploading a linked thumbnail of the piece onto Illustration Friday.  Viewers can browse the submissions by medium or by style.  There is also a message board for discussion and for reaching out to your fellow artists.  This site is a fun way to challenge yourself creatively, weekly.


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Under A Wave Off Kanagawa In Windshield by Scott Wade

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Today, I bring you… Etsy Valentine’s Day goodies! While I truly believe in loving my friends and family every day, it’s nice to have a day in snowy February to dedicate to all things red, chocolate and made with love.

Tomiffy‘s headband: super, super cute.  It’s available in a rainbow of colors to choose from, but I rather fancy the cranberry.


In Me Up reveals what a softy our favorite early spring bird really is.  This is a hand-pulled lino-cut print of a European Robin.


KnockKnockStudio‘s simple embroidery makes a visual statement and an adorable design.  This pillowcase even caught the eye of Amy Sedaris!

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Finnish artist Jonna Pohjalainen spent a summer at the Open Air Art Museum in Pedvale, Latvia.  She took in the trees, the colors and especially the sunsets.  Instead of capturing it all with her colored pencils, she decided to create a piece that encapsulated the local aspen trees, the joy in color and the beauty of the Latvian sunsets.  The field where the “pencils” sit has a perfect view of the sky.  Says Pohjalainen:
” Without sun there are no colours and life!”

Jonna PohjalainenJ

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