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Smitten Kitchen's Mango Slaw with cashews & mint; Photo credit to Smitten Kitchen

Ever looking for a fantastic recipe for a particular ingredient?

I always turn to Smitten Kitchen. A fantastically talented woman named Deb creates culinary magic out of her bitty 45 sq. foot kitchen in New York City. Type in that weird ingredient into her search bar (what the hell do you do with bok choy?). Looking for a recipe with local, seasonal ingredients? Browse through recipes by season!

Deb lists her recipes in various categories; the list begins with “Appetizers | Beans and Legumes | Brazilian | Bread | Breakfast | Budget….” She takes care of us who are gluten-free, those of us who are chocoholics, and those of us with minutes to spare. Many of her recipes are adaptions of others’ recipes; she even shares her disaster recipes (which soothes my envy). Deb is both a freelance writer and photographer, and her photography is simply amazing. It makes me want to eat everything.

A healthier and less costly dinner can come from a home-cooked meal. Hand-make your dinner today!

Photo Credit to Smitten Kitchen


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