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No one can resist the charm and magic of the romanticized forest. It’s someplace attainable, where we can also let our imaginations run wild.  There awaits sleeping bears and hidden rabbit holes, fairies and gnomes.  So many possibilities for art!

As of today, December 16th, on Etsy, there are 769 items tagged with “Little Red Riding Hood”, 1460 items tagged with “cottage woods”, 2104 tagged with “forest creatures” and 1268 items tagged with “toadstool”.

The most interesting items to me from this trend are the Little Red Riding Hood items and the items that bring the forest into the home.

I’ve listed below my two favorite items that perform the forest-to-home conversion.  Myimaginaryboyfriend’s log pillows and chicsindesigndotcom’s bear bean bag literally make the woods cushy and comfortable.   The inherent contradiction is what makes the concept unique.  Take it a step further with the joke and add these items to your urban apartment, or merely go all out with your cottage style.

Myimaginaryboyfriend– This log pillow also comes in brown!

chicsindesigndotcom– Wouldn’t you love to snuggle up with a sleeping bear?  This one looks pretty safe.

Little Red Riding Hood is the best forest art character.  She is innocent and curious, and her red outfit contrasts perfectly with the green forest.  The two artists below pay homage to her.

malam–  She’s fulfilled my childhood fantasies!  I love the buttoned bustier design of the top.

elsita– This is a print of a beautiful papercut.  Red and the wolf look like they might be friends!


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