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Aren’t these just amazing?  These nebula galaxy heels have caught the eye of many Tumblr bloggers, but they originate on Etsy!  They’re sold by Kustom Kix under the shop name AlexandraSophie.  France-based duo Sheriff Nasir and Alexandra Sophie specialize in photography and custom painted shoes.

Sheriff is the artist behind the galaxy wedges, which are faux suede made extra-terrestrial with just acrylic paint and coated with varnish for longevity.

Sheriff cites the Cave Nebula as a source of visual inspiration, but says, “the main inspiration for this project basically came from the universe, the stars, planets and everything up there so majestic and breathtakingly beautiful in its own way!”


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Oh my goodness.  Have you seen these?  Luna & Curious sells these wonderfully intricate false eyelashes, apparently inspired by Chinese paper cutting.  I rather fancy the peacock set.


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This week’s favorite comes from Etsy seller Shmugusta.  Her line of knitwear is called ADKnits, and it’s full of vibrant colors and natural fibers.  These fingerless gloves caught my eye on the Etsy blog, and I immediately ordered a pair for one of my friends.  Augusta, the artist behind ADKnits, was a pleasure to talk to and my friend loved her gloves!  What could be a better fall birthday gift?  Now I’m looking at a pair for myself, because they’re also made in red and in gray.  What fun!

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How exciting are these shoes by lepiedleger?? The delicate crochet work and obvious craftsmanship make me want to slip them on and frolic through fields of newly-born grass.

These shoes are the happy result of a couple living in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Through Etsy, they offer the shoes in regular sizes as well as custom sizes!  At only $45 each, these shoes are the perfect springtime wardrobe addition.

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This week‘s favorite comes from the popular yarn artist and seller, Pancake And Lulu.  This yarn, “Wonderland”, is part of her art yarn series, all merino wool hand-painted with low-impact eco dyes.  I love the symphony of colors and the accenting coils of thread.  I had a wonderfully difficult time picking out which art yarn to feature, because they are all so unique and beautiful!

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My Etsy favorite this week comes in the form of a necklace I bought from Rafya.  The artist, Alona Lahav, uses cold clay and acrylic to create her beautiful pendants, earrings, rings, and tiles.

My fascination with the pomegranate goes back to an early obsession with the Persephone myth:

The goddess of spring, Persephone is kidnapped by the god of the underworld, Hades, while she is picking flowers.  Once in Hades’ kingdom of the dead, Persephone is tricked into eating the fruit of the dead, the pomegranate.  She eats several seeds.  Her mother Demeter, goddess of the harvest, searches for Persephone, neglecting her work and leaving the earth to die.  The leaves fall from the trees and the earth becomes barren.  Finally, Helios, the sun, tells Demeter what he witnessed the day of the kidnapping.  Zeus forces Hades to return Persephone, but the fact remains that she ate the seeds.  Zeus rules that she shall stay in the Underworld for as many months as seeds eaten.  For the rest of the year, she shall be reborn and live with her mother as the goddess of spring.  In her happiness for her daughter’s return, Demeter allows the world to blossom and grow once more.

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