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I was lucky enough to go to the enormous music festival that is Bonnaroo, held in Manchester Tennessee,  June 9-12th.  The music was spectacular and the people, both local and from far away, were wonderfully friendly and fun.  What I didn’t expect was the large graffiti element to Bonnaroo: the festival site was surrounded by orange walls that began as visual odes to past Bonnaroos.  As the festival went on, the walls were spray painted, chalked, postered and drawn on until they became a living, ever-evolving border of pop culture and art.


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SweetieCakeTopper's tropical ceramic skulls

¡Feliz Día de los Muertos! It’s the Mexican Day of the Dead, a celebration to honor the deceased.  American culture tends to treat death with fear and distance, so el Día de los Muertos is an interesting contrast.  Traditionally, families assemble altars with photographs, momentos, and food offerings.  They decorate the altars with marigold flowers, garlands of cut paper (called papel picado) and often objects of Catholic symbolism.  Families will take the time to remember those they have lost, often with humor and partying.  Another ritual is cleaning and decorating the graves of the dead.

While strangers to this holiday may find it macabre, it truly is a celebration.  Having a comfortable and positive relationship with death is a concept I find truly interesting.  Want to make your own Día de los Muertos party?

Here is a great Papel Picado how-to and stencil PDF.

A recipe for Pan de Muerto, a traditional sweet bread with anise and an orange glaze.

Check out the talented Etsy artists RawBoneStudios and SweetieCakeTopper for their skull products.

RawBoneStudio's Skull Garland


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