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Aren’t these just amazing?  These nebula galaxy heels have caught the eye of many Tumblr bloggers, but they originate on Etsy!  They’re sold by Kustom Kix under the shop name AlexandraSophie.  France-based duo Sheriff Nasir and Alexandra Sophie specialize in photography and custom painted shoes.

Sheriff is the artist behind the galaxy wedges, which are faux suede made extra-terrestrial with just acrylic paint and coated with varnish for longevity.

Sheriff cites the Cave Nebula as a source of visual inspiration, but says, “the main inspiration for this project basically came from the universe, the stars, planets and everything up there so majestic and breathtakingly beautiful in its own way!”


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At the request of several lovely ladies in Melrose, MA, here is a short how-to about potato stampers!


You’ll need…red paint, a paint brush, knife, potato (cut in half), paper or cards to print.  Make sure your cut potato has a smooth, flat, even surface.  This is important because its current surface will be the stamp.  The paint and paint brush can be replaced with an ink stamp pad if you prefer.


Take the knife and slowly, carefully cut your shape down into the potato.  I usually cut about a centimeter deep.


Cut horizontally now, across the face of the potato, until you reach your shape.  If you cut a little bit into your shape, that’s ok, but try not to.  As your new cuts reach your previous cuts, you should be able to pull away the extra potato, revealing your shape!


Paint your new stamp and stamp away!  I recommend doing a trial run on a scrap piece of paper, just to see how your stamp stamps.  If my stamping surface isn’t as smooth as I thought it was, I usually stamp with a slight rolling motion (rather than pushing straight down) in order to make the whole surface kiss the paper.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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