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My sister and I, 1995 and 2011.  Read about Irina Werning’s “Back to the Future” project here.


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Irina Werning

This is the photo project of Irina Werning, entitled “Back to the Future“.  Irina is a photographer based in Buenos Aires.  Irina has asked people to recreate their childhood photographs.  I love childlike enthusiasm, so this is just awesome.  I may need to team up with my little sister and make my own!

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The art world is all a twitter over the work of Vivian Maier.  A street photographer and nanny in Chicago, Vivian Maier took thousands of photographs between the 1950’s and 1990’s.  Real estate agent John Maloof stumbled upon the negatives at an antiques auction in 2007 and realized the talent and potential of Maier’s work.

Maloof began blogging her photographs, and this has exploded into an overnight sensation:  museum exhibitions, a book, and now a documentary are in the works to honor the prolific street photographer.  More information about the documentary can be found here on the film’s Kickstarter page.

Vivian Maier’s work is raw and unflinching; it is an ode to street photography and every day life.  Take your camera with you for a day and find the beautiful, strange or tragic in the ordinary.  Maier’s photographs can be found on John Maloof’s blog: http://vivianmaier.blogspot.com

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Success on Etsy. It’s seemingly everywhere!  Yet there are thousands of sellers who never make a sale.  The Storque, the Etsy blog, has many articles with tips on improving one’s store. Here is a helpful article for new sellers:

Success for Beginning Etsy Sellers

I’d like to take a look at three successful shops.  What do they have in common?  What seems to be their key to success?  As a buyer, what attracts me to these shops?  I’m looking at:

ImYourPresent BoyGirlParty WhichGoose

SHOP APPEARANCE- First Impressions

When I browse through a shop, I look for a creative banner (nothing stock), and then I immediately want to look at what is being sold.  If I don’t see something I that catches my eye, within about twenty seconds, I bounce.  How do these sellers draw people in?

WhichGoose– Her banner is clean, balanced and clear- an image of her product, and the name.  Below, she succinctly describes her product and in the shop announcement, lists her blog, twitter, video links, etc.

ImYourPresent– Her banner reflects the colors and style of her product.  Like WhichGoose, below the banner is a basic description of her product.  ImYourPresent is hooked up on Facebook, MySpace, and has a mailing list.  In her shop announcement, she also mentions shops of her friends and assistants.

BoyGirlParty– Like the other two, this shop’s banner is reflective of her color palate and style, and there is a short description of what she sells: “quirky + useful     art + gifts”.  Her popular owl drawing balances the banner by sitting in the middle of the banner.


What do these photographs have in common?  They’re not cropped too close, or shot too far away.  They are full of light, and shot at interesting angles.  There aren’t any distracting backgrounds or backdrops.



BoyGirl Party


People are inclined to buy from you again if you treat them right the first time.  So prompt shipping and a willingness to communicate is a must.  That’s what I look for in a seller.

As for product:  Even if you have beautiful photographs and an attractive shop, the product is what matters!  I would never sell what I wouldn’t buy myself.  Quality and attention to detail is essential.

WhichGoose– Her crowns and combs are all beautiful, delicate pieces.  Everyone who leaves feedback agrees with this and adds that the packaging was both protective and elegant.  It is encouraging to read, as a buyer, that all the other buyers are absolutely thrilled with their purchases.

ImYourPresent– Feedback for her items was a constant “sooo pretty!”  and “well made”.  One customer loved her earrings so much that she wants to marry them.  ImYourPresent sends little extra surprises with her orders!

BoyGirlParty– This seller is constantly complimented on her fast shipping.  I love that I can browse for a favorite drawing among jewelry, paper goods and clothing.   BoyGirlParty also has a fully functioning website, where you can find bio info, her blog, and where her items can also be purchased.


The style of the artists is apparent in each piece: consistency in work creates a cohesiveness in the presentation of the shop.  Amazing work, ladies!!

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